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Tips & Troubles with Thesis II

Citing multiple documents in a single set of brackets is darn easy. But to order the citation in increasing sequence of label takes a new package, natbib. Natbib is a humongous package. Others suggest using Germn version.

For multiple citing of the same footnote, I tried \footnotemark[\value{footnote}] as suggested from a few source, but it didn’t work for me, probably because I was intended to cite a footnote a couple pages before. So, finally, nearly out of temper, I invented a very ad-hoc method:

  • Set a label in the footnote.
  • Reference it in the second place and raise the footnote mark to the superscript by using a $^{\ref{…}}$ (The \footnotemark[] command is supposed to do the same thing, but it didn’t work for me…)

After reading this blog post, I feel like I can stack anything above/below an arrow!

It really took me an afternoon to learn about tables just to generate two small (but delicate) tables. Again the wikibook section on this really helped. And if you want to be a little fancier to include subtables (like \subfigure or the more general term \subfloat), the LaTeX Matters entry gives an awesome trial that you can download and play with.

I also started learning Mendeley to organize citations (It’s free, finally!). Even though Yingfei mentioned this to me over a year ago, I didn’t take it seriously until very recently. Slideshare has a good readable intro document on it.


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